The decision to undergo Nose Surgery is a big one, and one that you should not take lightly. In addition to your preparation, what you do post-surgery can have a major impact on your recovery time

The healing time after a Rhinoplasty procedure is one of the most crucial components in ensuring that your nose recovers well. What you do post surgery will help your nose heal in the best possible way. You want to recover quickly and without complications.

Following rhinoplasty surgery you will likely have bruising and swelling for several weeks.  If your surgeon has had to break any nasal bones, it takes about 6 months for your nose to fully heal.  So remember that during this period, you should take extra precaution to ensure your nose is not knocked.

These immediate rhinoplasty recovery tips will ensure you are on the right path to a good recovery:

  1. Keep your head raised whenever you can, especially in the first 2 weeks post-surgery.  This will reduce the pressure to your head and will help reduce swelling.  You need to keep your head elevated when sleeping also.
  2. Avoid strenuous activity – for at least 4 weeks post procedure.  Exercise increases blood flow and the last thing you want is nose bleeds, which can affect the recovery and final result of the procedure.  Swimming should be avoided for at least 4 weeks (think increased nasal pressure and/or infections).  Avoid any type of contact sport for at least 6 weeks.  You will most likely be allowed to do light exercise as little as 2 weeks after surgery however we recommend discussing this with your surgeon who will make recommendations based on your individual circumstances.
  3. Use a cold compress – applying a cold pack around the eyes (without placing it on the surgical site) will help manage swelling in this area.  Aim for 20 minutes, 3 times a day during the first week.
  4. Don’t blow your nose – naturally your nose will be very sensitive during the first 3 weeks after your surgery and blowing your nose can disrupt blood vessels and cause bleeding.
  5. Clean your nose – Keep nostrils clean and clear of blood using salt and water and special implements supplied after surgery.
  6. Avoid alcohol – refrain from any alcohol for at least 2 weeks after surgery.  Alcohol increases the risk of excessive bleeding.
  7. Do not smoke – As if you didn’t already know that smoking is bad for you, it can significantly impede the healing process and lead to poor scarring and wound healing problems.  Abstain from nicotine for at least 1 month before and after surgery.  Why not use your rhinoplasty surgery as an excuse to quit once and for all?!
  8. Wearing glasses – if you need to wear corrective eyeglasses be sure to discuss this with your surgeon who will advise when these can be worn. You will likely need contact lenses instead for the first 3 weeks.

We know it’s hard to wait for the final result. Follow these rhinoplasty recovery tips (and any other instructions provided by your surgeon) and you will be able to recover sooner. If you are interested in nose surgery and would like to find out more we recommend visiting our Rhinoplasty Surgery Page.