Excessive Sweating

Treat troublesome or embarrassing excessive sweating with a quick, same day procedure

About Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive sweating also known as “hyperhidrosis” can be an embarrassing and debilitating problem. Whilst underarm sweating occurs in everyone, approximately 1% of the population experience this in excess – often having to change their shirt/clothing several times per day.

Common areas of excessive sweating are underarms, hands and feet. Once medical causes of excessive sweating have been excluded, functional treatment options can be discussed. Injections are available which reduce excessive sweating dramatically by targeting the specific glands that are the source of the problem.

The procedure is quick and is performed personally by Mr Mutimer.

Excessive sweating surgery Melbourne

Your Consultation

Your appointment will typically last around 30 minutes. Mr Mutimer will assess the area to be treated and explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Provided Mr Mutimer assesses you as a suitable candidate for excessive sweating treatment, and you are happy to proceed, you will be required to sign consent forms and the treatment will be administered the same day.

Excessive Sweating Treatment Cost

  • $1,600: includes consultation and treatment.

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