Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement Surgery using breast implants involves surgically placing an implant behind each breast to increase its volume, enhance its shape and firmness
and give the body better proportion and balance.

About Breast Enlargement Surgery

Women opt to have breast enlargement surgery using breast implants for a variety of reasons.

In some women weight loss, childbirth or ageing can result in breasts losing their volume and shape. Other women may have breasts that they feel are too small, or one of their breasts may be much smaller than the other.

Breast enlargement using breast implants involves surgically placing an implant behind each breast to increase its volume, enhance its shape and firmness and give the body better proportion and balance.

Breast enlargement can provide a woman with a better body image and increased social confidence. There are a variety of breast implant options and techniques available to our patients, depending on individual circumstances. A/Prof Shayan will help you make the best choice for the result you desire.

Breast implant surgery is performed by A/Prof Shayan in Brighton, Melbourne and is an inpatient procedure performed under general anaesthesia.

Important Information

There has been recent renewed media interest regarding the correlation between breast implants and an increased risk of developing Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL ).

Our blog outlines key information on this study. Whether you currently have, or are considering getting breast implants, we encourage all patients to read this information and schedule a consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon to discuss any questions or concerns.

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Your Consultation

Initial consultation:

Your initial consultation with A/Prof Shayan will last approx. 30 min.

A/Prof Shayan will discuss your breast implant surgery in detail, the technique to be used, what can be achieved and expected recovery time. You will review implants to determine size to be used. Photos will also be taken.

Following this you will meet with a nurse for complimentary 3D scanning, with simulated images emailed to you within several days. 3D scanning allows you to better understand what the proposed changes to your breast shape may look like.

At your initial consult you will also meet our Patient Advisor who will take you through costs and discuss potential dates for your breast surgery.

Pre-operative appointment:

2 weeks prior to your breast surgery you will meet A/Prof Shayan again for a final consult.

You will also meet with the Patient Advisor and Practice Nurse to finalise all administration, and discuss pre and post-operative care instructions. Payment for your surgery is also finalised at this time.

Breast Enlargement Cost

  • Initial Consultation – $300

  • Procedure – $15,000 (Surgeons fee, hospital fees , anaesthetist fees & up to 6 weeks after care appointments with practice nurse)

View Procedures in 3D

Please note that procedure costs provided are indicative only – intended to give patients a realistic estimate of associated costs. Actual costs may vary depending on individual patient circumstances.

Prospective patients often wish to see photos of people who have previously had this surgery. We don’t share these images on the website as we respect our patients privacy, however they are available during a consultation.

Our Breast Enlargement
Plastic Surgeon

A/Prof Shayan is a specialist breast augmentation surgeon and he looks forward to meeting you.

It is important that the plastic surgeon performing your breast surgery is fully qualified. To check the credentials of any surgeon call the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons on 02 9437 9200 or visit the website

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