Many people come to Brighton Plastic Surgery to explore the option of Face lift surgery, a procedure that Mr Keith Mutimer has extensive experience in.

A face lift (also called “rhytidectomy”) smoothes loose skin and wrinkles on the face and neck, tightens underlying tissues which have become lax with age, and gets rid of excess fatty tissue.

It is common for patients to come and speak to Mr Mutimer when non-surgical treatments are no longer providing the results that they are seeking.

When patients seek information about a face lift really depends on when they begin to show noticeable signs of ageing; this is different for everyone. One of the considerations for a successful outcome is the condition of your skin, you do see better results when your skin still has sufficient elasticity. Skin condition and texture are more important factors in determining whether face lift surgery is likely to be successful over one’s age.

It is important to note that most specialist plastic surgeons will agree that patients can expect their facelift to last between 8-12 years, so depending upon your age at the time of surgery, a follow up procedure may be required.

Our advice is to book in a consultation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who will be able to fully assess the physical factors specific to your circumstances and advise whether a face lift will likely achieve the outcome you desire.

Our website has additional information on face lift surgery including cost estimates and the ability to view the procedure in 3D. Many patients find this very helpful before a consultation. 

It’s great to come with a list of questions and you will be provided with a lot of information at the consultation. If you are considering a face lift, feel free to call to discuss any initial questions you may have or to book a consultation.