Facial implants are an effective solution to balance one’s facial proportions. When we refer to facial implant surgery this generally covers both cheek implants or a chin implant. Both can change and improve your facial contours.

The chin is considered one of the most important aesthetic landmarks of the lower face. When combined with the nose the chin determines how balanced an individual’s facial profile appears. In both men and women a prominent chin can counteract age related changes to the lower face and neck, it can help prevent the formation of jowls and strengthens the overall jawline profile.

Cheek implants, often referred to as cheek augmentation, can give fullness to flat cheekbones. Genetics, trauma or ageing in general can result in a person losing or having inadequate volume in the cheek area. Cheek implants can help change this.

Chin and cheek implants both generally provide subtle enhancements, aiming to provide overall improvements to facial symmetry. Mr Mutimer has considerable experience in facial implant surgery.  If you are considering a chin implant or cheek implants it is important that you consult with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is best placed to assess your unique situation, answer your questions, explain the surgery and discuss with you realistically what can be achieved.

Our website has additional information on facial implant surgery including cost estimates and the ability to view procedures in 3D. Alternatively feel free to contact us should you have further questions or wish to make a confidential enquiry.